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Hmmmmm....as far as which one sounds better between the D-25 and the D-777 I'm going to have to wait a couple days to do the comparison since I have them both sitting in pieces on my desk. I can compare the two but all I have for testing is my KSC-35's...I have yet to buy any other pair of headphones. Also I'm not sure I could describe the difference between the two, u know all that soundstage, airy, warm, analytical stuff, (some reviews end up sounding like the labels on wine bottles) but I'm willing to give it a shot. The Technics/Panasonic/Quasar/National/Matsu****a thing is an honest mistake Mumrik, why they sell their products under so many different names is a mystery to me!!! As far as I know the Technics brand name is their premium stuff and often used overseas for high-end also, Panasonic is for the regular stuff, Quasar is for the lower priced stuff, National is a brand name used in 3rd world countries mostly (although last time I was in Pakistan they were switching over to using Panasonic as the brand name) and Matsu****a is the parent company, and I think some computer OEM parts are sold under that brand name too.

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Re: sorry ,i know a little english

Originally posted by SuAnnan
The acoustic field of technics900 is open! Far from D777 than! XPS900
The high pitch is better than 777, a kind of elegant feeling. There is little XPS900 low volume, the ones that but left and sneaked are deep
The bass of D777 sounds really very enjoyable, but there are too much quantity! D777 in addition
dental too is the serious,very it is the unpleasant! The acoustic field of 777 is not very good ! 777 has been opened low
Will bring the noise after the sound !
In China, to hear from edition owner on the forum XPS900 have top-grade platform very much with oneself us
Feeling of the type machine!
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