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Closed Comfortable Headphones for use in the Office

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Hi guys,


I am finally succumbing to the "earning" I've been having for the past couple of weeks to buy some full sized cans. I primarily use my UE900s everywhere, however, as awesome as they are, they don't have the power and immersive-ness of a big-ass set of cans.


I have a pair of ATH-M50 that I bought a few years ago (thanks to headfi-ers), but I never really used them that much. I quite enjoyed the sound, but the fit was very mediocre and overall the headphones were quite fatiguing. I tried stretching it out, which reduced the "clampy-ness", but did squat about the uncomfortable way the cups rested on my jaws (also I have mild TMJ).


I read a lot about the Senn HD 598s and it would have been a perfect choice in terms of comfort (also they look so good), barring the following deal breakers:

1. They are open headphones.

2. They are "lacking" in bass from what I read


I love the SQ and "signature" of the UE900 and ATH-m50 (although it tends to be a teensy bit harsh on the highs IMHO).


The music I listen to is primarily:

- Rock

- Heavy Metal

- Electronic/EDM

- Classical


I would like to purchase something that would (hopefully) fullfil the following criteria:

- Little to no leakage (as I will be using them at work).

- Comfortable enough that I can spend 4-6 hours with them on.

- Budget of approx $200-300 (but can go over a bit for something especially compelling).

- Build quality good enough to withstand the abuse of being carried in a backpack everyday.

- Aesthetics :)


I've been looking at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80 ohms and they seem to fit the bill fairly adequately. However, I'm a bit concerned about the size of the headphones and how they'll react to being stuffed in a backpack everyday. Also, they're quite fugly. :)


Would love some recommendations, thoughts and personal experiences from fellow head-fiers. :)

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I don't know that, absent a closeout sale, there may not be a can that meets your requirements.  I can only speak about what's available based on USA street prices.  Maybe the Mad Dogs--if you can still find them--although they may be too neutral from you, as is the Sony MDR 7520.  The TH600, but they require a big budget increase--even more than the Sony.  In all situations you should also get a hard case, if it doesn't come with the can.  Of course you can always buy used.


The DT 770has the "V" shaped EQ you appear to like, but it is very large.


Headphone comfort is a very individual thing.  Sizing and sensitivities are unique to each person.  We can point you to headphones that are generally considered to be comfortable (like the DT 770) and mention others that have garnered complaints for being uncomfortable.  However, the only way to know for sure is to wear them yourself for a time equivalent to your longest listening session.

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Discomfort from a closed headphone doesn't just come from clamping pressure, but also may result from ears overheating. i find that the better a headphone isolates, the quicker my ears overheat. Those with velour earpads take longer for my ears to overheat, but don't isolate as well. I doubt I could wear any closed headphone for over 4 hours in a row though.


An issue with wearing headphones at work might be that when using closed ones you won't hear a phone ringing, or other sounds you need to hear. While some jobs do allow the use of headphones, for many of those jobs a small, open discrete looking headphone or earphones would be much more appropriate.

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I decided to go for the DT770 pro 80. Will be pairing that with a Fiio E11k to drive it with my SGS4, iPhone 6 and MBP. 


With the ATH m50, I think it was the fact that the whole weight of the set rested on my jaws for some reason. That may have been the cause for the discomfort. 


For traveling, I think I'll stick to my IEMs (UE900) which I still love, and would be easier to drive on my phones. 



@KG Jag


Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I'm based in Australia where the second-hand market is woefully small. Will definitely see if I can pick up a hard case for the set. I'm definitely going to try these out before I buy. There is a store that's relatively nearby that stocks these. 




Thanks mate. That was definitely the case in summer with the M50. The pleather just didn't allow the ears to breathe, and I frequently found my ears (and surrounding hairline) drenched in sweat after wearing them for a while. 


In terms of wearing them at work, it doesn't really matter if I don't hear my phone ringing (my iphone would alert my MBP anyway). Immersion and isolation are the key things (and big cans tend to have a "tunnelvision"/blinker effect for me) as I'm easily distracted. :bigsmile_face: I need to get into the "zone" to be able to do my job properly as a pentester. Also, being relatively senior in the team allows me to take a lot more liberties (although I'm not blaise about it). :dt880smile: 

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The Beyerdynamic headphone have a reputation for being comfortable.

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Try the Aurvana platinum, it has ANC/Bluetooth/apt-x , the drivers are similar to denons drivers

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If you haven't bought the DT770's yet, maybe consider the Pioneer HDJ-2000. You should be able to find the mk1 in your budget. Decent sound quality in the "DJ headphone" bracket, but also excellent build quality and portability.

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Hi guys,


Thanks for your responses. 


I bought the DT770pro. Very happy with the SQ. It is a lot more comfortable than the ATH M50. There is a tiny annoyance that it does not have removable cables. Makes carrying it an absolute PITA (as it tangles with other cables in my backpack). I have seen some mods performed by veteran head-fiers, I just don't have the stones in me to rip it apart. :) 


I'm already planning for the next set of cans, to be purchased in the coming year. :) Hopefully I should have 3x the budget. 

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