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Second time trading with Jahn, sold him some diy IC, great trader as always

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bought a poketdock for apple iPod. good transaction, no problems. recommended.
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Jahn just purchased my AKG 501s. Excellent communication and super-fast payment. Highly recommended.
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[sorry wrong forum!]
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sold a Gift Card to Jahn. got payment within minutes. great person!
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Talk about late feedback!

Anyway, James purchased some cables from me ages ago and the transaction was perfect, he paid immediately and seems to be a very friendly guy. Thanks James.
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sold jahn a few rage cd's. he paid first, i shipped the next day. words i would use to describe the transaction are great, fast, communicative, and delightful. thanks jahn.
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James and I have done multiple deals. The past couple were for a headphone stand (auto'd) and then HP-2's with a BlackSilver recable, C-Pads and 0404 breakout, and another stand. James sent me some HP1000 SR200's, SR-71 and who knows what else, and all was great! If you can't get along with James, you can't get along with anyone. 5 super smiley rating
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Excellent Transaction!

Sorry for the delayed feedback! Jahn sold me his Fid-Audio Breakout cable. He was very understanding and even waited for me to sell off some of my gear to pay for it. It arrived (well packaged) in a matter of days!

I would encourage any head-fier to buy/trade/sell with him with absolutely zero hesitation. Thanks James!
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Tushi arrived safe and sound down under. It was a flawless transaction, and would not hestitate to deal with again.
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I sold Jahn a Go-Vibe V3 amp and everything went perfectly. He's an excellent communicator and made a fast payment.

I look forward to dealing with him again.

Thanks a lot, Jahn!
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I bought Pinkie from Jahn , and he was a great seller. Answered all my questions, and was incredibly understanding when a personal problem came up and delayed my payment. I would gladly deal with him again!
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Jahn is really an amazing person to deal with. We traded a guitar pedal for Sr-60's. Great communication, very speedy trade and very nice and pleasant to boot.

Perfect smooth trade, can't say enough good things.

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USPS lost a cable I purchased from him (perhaps we were being punished for doing this over mail even though we're in the same city!). Anyway, Jahn was very understanding and offered a full refund. What a nice guy and an amazing seller. Highest possible recommendation.
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Donated to Head-Fi and Jahn sent me a Quail PC! Now it's being happily used in the DAC-1. Thanks Jahn!
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