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Sold Item: "Moe" headphone stand. :)

Effective communications and a quick payment made it a pleasure to deal with James again.
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Sold Jahn a pair of DT770 Pro, great buyer to deal with, kept good communication through out the trade.

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Jahn purchased a pair of Element Cable Musical II IC's from me. He was friendly, decisive, and fast in making payment. Wish all buyers were as good as James. Hope you like them, James. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Unclewai
Sold Jahn a pair of DT770 Pro, great buyer to deal with, kept good communication through out the trade.
James had these sent directly to me for a recable and mod. So if he seems to shake I know why Thanks man! -Larry
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I modded an amp for James, great guy with superb communication...... highly recommended, deal with confidence!

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Jahn and I traded cans. His cans arrived on schedule and are as he related. I am quite pleased with the timely transaction, excellent communication, and very amicable manner in which James conducted things on his end.

I would not hesitate to make another deal with James again. He is a most trustworthy and honest Head-Fi'er. Thanks, James.
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I bought a DVD from Jahn. Payment was done via Paypal and Jahn shipped out the DVD the same day. The package arrived 3 days later, half way around the globe. Recommended seller and a friendly guy to deal with.
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Jahn purchased a headphone case from me. We agreed to make the handoff in person, at the Qualia store meet. Of course everything went easily, as planned. He's a super-nice dude, with more enthusiasm than several members at once! Thanks man.
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I sold a pair of SR-200s to Jahn. He kept excellent communication throughout. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. enjoy!
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James was friendly and easy to deal with. Twas a pleasure. Thanks!
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Bought my RA-1. Fast Communication and quick payment. Would definitely deal with him again.
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sold jahn a custom rca cable, fast paying, pleasure to deal with.
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Bought a PC1000 power conditioner from me, very fast payment, no problems at all! Very reliable head-fier.
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I purchased a pair of Alessandro MS-2s from Jahn. I posted a detailed WTB thread with a fair amount of questions and requirements. Jahn responded to my thread with a detailed PM answering all of my questions. A few more PMs were exchanged and the headphones were shipped when he said they would be the next morning. The headphones arrived well packaged and in excellent condition as Jahn had said.

This was my first purchase at Head-Fi, but I have made many other deals on other forums. I think Jahn is the best seller I have yet to encounter and I couldn't really ask for anything better. Thanks again!
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Sold jahn (James) an iPod battery pack/charger. Nice guy and easy to deal with.. prompt payment and patient with shipping (took longer than usual)

Would deal with again, and highly recommended!

Thanks again James and enjoy the convenience of that charger!

kloan, aka Tristan
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