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Sold Item----> Cmoy amp.
Nice, effective communication and a quick payment made this an easy transaction.
Thumbs up.

BTW.... Welcome to Head-fi.
We are sorry you have to read so many posts from people that have never used the products they are offering opinions about.
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Sold Etymotic ER-4P to James.
Excellent communication and fast payment.

Great person to deal with.
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Sold me his extra Belkin iPod car charger. Quick and friendly.

Had to edit to add the following: Not only as described, but extremely well packed and shipped faster that I could believe. Your USPS rocks! The same thing in Canada would have cost 3-4 times as much.
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Purchased 2G 10GB iPod

Well, I can honestly say that jahn really worked hard to make the deal go smoothly. Will not hesitate to do business with again. Thanks.

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Bought a right angled mini connector from me, very fast payment, no problems at all! Very reliable head-fier.
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good transaction! product arrived as described. quick delivery, too. gave me a tracking # 2 seconds after i gave him payment through paypal. definitly recomendable to other head-fiers.

edit: also like to add that he tossed in a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter with the alessandro MS-1s as well!
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Did a trade with Jahn, and I couldn't be happier! Awesome guy, friendly conversation, and perfect description of device! In fact, he shipped to me before I shipped to him, and asked me to wait before I ship, "just to be sure".

Thanks again!

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Sold Jahn a cigar case for his ms-2. Everything went great, very nice guy.
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thumbs up.

Smooth transaction with jahn.
bought a sony D777 pcdp with all accessories.items as described, fast shipping times and very good communication.
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sold a pair of audioquest diamondblacks to james, extremely fast and prompt payment, highly recommended!
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Banana Hanger

Sold him a banana hanger. Fast payment and great communication. Would do it again.

Thanks for everything!
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Did a trade with James. Arrived fast and in condition described. All is good here, now on to modding his cans, heheheh...
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James expressed an interest in my Tushi*. Despite this, I sold him my cd player.

Seriously, James is a great guy, the transaction could not have been easier or smoother. He even put off the purchase for a few extra days while I was still dubbing around with it after the mods were done, which was nice of him.

Highly recommended!

*Toshiba 3960
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I guess this is classed as a trade. I soldered some opamps to Browndog adapters for him in exchange for his extra opamps. Fast, friendly, effiecient PMs. Sent money for the adapters lightning fast, too.

5 headphone rating:
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paid for cd immediately - quickest sale ever
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