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Originally Posted by tonycool
the big one is 6080/6as7 power tube.
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I think many multi-thousand dollar preamps use the 6922 tube. It's an old classic preamp tube. I think it would be interesting to compare the woo3 and the eddie current.
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Originally Posted by ayt999
anyone getting it for the special introductory price of $500 + shipping?
You go first. I'll stand here with the flashlight and billy club and snag one if it gets by you.
I took the bite on the HD300. It's your turn.
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Originally Posted by ooheadsoo
I think many multi-thousand dollar preamps use the 6922 tube. It's an old classic preamp tube. I think it would be interesting to compare the woo3 and the eddie current.
I second that emotion. I will have both Eddie Current amps here this Mid-week. You get the Woo3 and we will meet in Texas for a shootout.
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Originally Posted by sacd lover
The Eddie Current hd 300 is a design a lot like this. But the hd 300 uses a 6sn7 driver tube vs the 6922's in this amp along with the same 6as7/6080 output tube. The 6sn7 is a much better sounding tube as well as being much more rugged. Earlier in this thread I thought outloud about using a 6cg7 driver tube in the Woo(very close in size) which is another better sounding tube thats again far more rugged and reliable. I have used 6922's in preamps for years and always had trouble with section matcing and reliability. I also know the 6922's I have tried sounded either to hard and bright or to dulled. To get a good 6922 or 6dj8 you have to pay $$$ and they are hard to find. Still my big gripe is that tube sections match poorly and the tube never holds up very well, even the good Amperex(real nos) ones I bought from Upscale Audio. I have not found even the best sounding 6922/6dj8's to be anything special.

Now assuming the hd 300 might be a little better than the Woo because of a better basic tube compliment(I have not heard the Woo), I know I like the normal 6cg7 based ppx3 a little better than the hd 300. So, IMO I dont think the Woo will measure up to the ppx3. I have a special ppx3-6sn7 on order that will also allow me to use the big 6080 output tube x2 on the outputs. This amp will drive k1000's too. I do like the 6as7/6080 output tube. I also think the 6080 is a much better tube than the 6as7's from what I have heard from the hd 300 so far. Nothing is definitive here as I have not heard the Woo. But I dont trust the 6922 tube, so I have my doubts about the sound and using two 6922's looks like twice the trouble.

Remember this is conjecture, but I have owned both the ppx3, had the new ppx3 for extended audition and I own the hd 300. The question asked THEORETICALLY how would this amp would compete with the ppx3. This is an honest answer not an attack on the Woo.

Thanks for the answer. Helpful as always. Is there some sort of chart or somethign where novices like myself can learn the different characteristics and signatures of certain tubes. You talk about them like "clearly the 6537 tube has a wider soundstage than the kk8934." Are these opinions? Or does everyone agree on this? If so, maybe there's a chart somewhere that I can refer to?

If the design is like the HD300, doesn't that mean it is optimized for high impedance phones, like the HD300 is? Woo claims that this works with all types of headphones.
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Originally Posted by sygyzy
Any idea how this would compete with the PPX3, theoretically? I'll order and review it if it can match or come close.
i would like very much to see that!
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Well one thing, I think I would have to see on an amp, for it to compete with the SinglePower's is a much beefier powersupply. SinglePower uses a very well made and very heavily rated transformer coupled with extensive filtering and very big and expensive capacitor reserve. Part of the "Bruteforce" way of doing things with Mikhail. The Woo3 appears to have the transformer but how well filtered is it and how much capacitor reserve? I do not know. Most amp builders in this catagory will build an amp with a " this is good enough or this will just do it" type of philosophy to aid in a good profit margine. SinglePower builds an expensive amp for the money. But he is the one with everybodies business. Duh! To Mr.Woo's credit, the amp has KILLER looks, quality componentry, quality build, and a powerfull transformer. Now lets see if it is implimented well. I am really pulling for the Woo3 to be a great one. If someone wants to give me $460 +shipping for the HD300 (a good amp also) then I will buy the Woo3 just to give it a go.
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Originally Posted by ooheadsoo
I think many multi-thousand dollar preamps use the 6922 tube. It's an old classic preamp tube. I think it would be interesting to compare the woo3 and the eddie current.
You are very right that it's a classic its a very old design.
The problem as a result of this is that NOS of the better 6922 and compatibles are running out and prices for some brands / types get really high, especially those from the fifties era.
Right now it's not unusual to pay 100 dollars or more for two good tubes, and even more isn't that hard, and this is on ebay, not a well known dealer they charge even more, dealers like upscale audio will not even sell you the better ones if you don't buy/own their amps first.
Ofcourse what you get for that money is very good and *really* incomparable to sovtek and other cheapo tubes (if you didn't get screwed over with fakes that is..), IMO these tubes make using a tube amp worth it, any less and you could just as well get a nice solid state design.
Other (newer) small signal tube types are still in very good supply so its easier to design a competitive amp around them (at least thats my theory.... deon't know if thats true)
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I ordered the WooAudio3 yesterday. The price came out to be $519 with shipping. I have never heard this amp. but I thought I would try it out anyways. I hope when I get this amp. and listen to it. I hope it is a WooHoo instead of a BooHoo.
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Cool. Let us know. This looks like a nice amp.
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Wow, nice. I so want to hear the preamp on the woo3. I should be sending my custom woo1 in for upgrades in a bit but my DIY speaker plans are holding me back.
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The SHA-1 uses the tube as the differential front end. The
tube drives a fet follower which drives a darlington output transistor.
The filament of the tube is actually used as the current sink load
for the output transistor.
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UH....allrighty then.
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Some additional info...

I received a reply to my email about the WA3 to Mr. Woo today. He will allow owners of the WA1 to upgrade to the WA3 for $350 plus shipping ($20). He also offers a 2 week return policy minus $20 and shipping both ways.

Below is a quote from him on the differences between the two amps:

"While WA1 uses one 6922/6DJ8 tube, (the) WA3 uses two 6922/6DJ8 tubes for pre drive, one tube per channel. So WA3 achieve a higher separation; in other words, a more accurate and wide soundstage. Because WA3 uses higher-end parts than WA1, WA3 produces more dynamic and sweeter sounding. Also, the treble and the bass (are) extended deeper."

It's a beautiful piece that is hand built with point to point wiring. He has been designing and building tube and solid state electronics for 40 years. As a plus for me and other Sennheiser owners, he uses a pair of of 650's to check/tune each amp. It will be interesting to find out if it sounds as good as it looks.
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350 is a bit much, imho, for the upgrade from WA-1 to WA-3. Wu offered to mod my WA-1 to use 2x6922 tubes for $100 + shipping.
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