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Wow! the WOOAUDIO 3

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i am in no way associated wth wooaudio, but for the curious, here's a link to the wooaudio 3's specs. might save you a few seconds of googling.
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I kind of dig the wooaudio 2 more. is the 2 new also?
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Yeah, but the 2 is also $1,100!
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$600 for the Woo 3... looks interesting, but what is up with the fake transformer cover / heat sink thingy????

So who is going to bite? There is already one Woo 1 amp in head-fi use, but I am not sure if the full review has been posted yet... I want to know if this is a good match for my ATH-W1000's....
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you could hide things inside of the fake transformer box, haha. I don't know if I would buy something with "fake" parts used for looks...
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I want one Woo three. You do two.
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Looks very nice indeed, pretty small which is always a bonus for a tube amp. That "fake" transformer cover kinda has me wondering as well. $600 for a tube pre-amp ain't too shabby, that's for sure. Of course the real question is, how does it sound?
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I think the transformer goes into the transformer cover so it's not fake, just a preassembly photo.
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Originally Posted by dip16amp
I think the transformer goes into the transformer cover so it's not fake, just a preassembly photo.
I'm betting he's right. The toroidal transformer goes in there. I wonder if this is the same design as the original WooAudio amp in a new case or if there have been any circuit changes. The one difference I noticed was the ELNA/WIMA capacitors and Dale and Vishay resistors.

Edit: Congratulations to Mr. Woo on a new product.
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It sports two 6922 driver tubes. I'm using a WooAudio 1, which has only one 6922 tube. There is some noticable crosstalk because of the single tube. I expect that the WA3 have unnoticable crosstalk and lower noise floor.

edit: I can hear the crosstalk only when if I adjust the balance to one channel, or only connect one channel.

Oh, and the transformer box does indeed house a transformer.
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Say, isn't that a glob of silicone I see around the volume pot? I'm just kiddin' ya!
That's a good looking amp... what kind of tube is that big one in the center?
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It is the house for transformer.

Nothing is fake about the amp! That picture is to show the thickness of the hood. Under the hood, used for maximum shielding, it is the house for a toroidal transformer.
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Very very nice looking Any trade in policies in the works?
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I wonder if Mr Woo would kindly grant permission for someone on the forum to review his products. Im sure a lot of us here are interested but cautious. Kinda like a flock of sheep just in need of a push in the right direction. Maybe there is someone who is local to him?
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