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For Sale: For Sale - Fostex TH-900

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For Sale:
For Sale - Fostex TH-900

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Up for sale is my beloved 3 month old TH-900 that I bought NEW. (March 2015)

These TH-900 may as well be a day old aesthetically, as from what I can see, have no blemishes on the cups, and nothing I can see otherwise. I babied them, making sure to never, ever hit any corners, or hard surfaces. The worst you'll see may be dust particles, easily taken care of (whatever I may have missed). I'd rate them at 9.9999 out of 10 in their shape. Any blemish in the images are dust, and smudges, not scuffs or scratches.

They sound exquisite, and everything you want out of a bold signature, closed back headphone. I haven't been listening to heapdhones much the past few months, and I felt the TH-900 deserves a home where it will be better appreciated. My priorities lately have been completely away from audio, and as such, I can't see a logical reason to keep them. They certainly did not have much head time.

I'm selling the TH-900. I have plenty of positive feedback here (100%), so buy with confidence. Shipping to Continental US only. Hawaii, Alaska may get an extra fee. International buyers POSSIBLY, at extra cost, and good feedback. I heavily prefer US, so don't waste my time, I won't waste yours.

Private message me if seriously interested. I'm not interested in low balling or anything. I've lowered the price to what I feel is quite fair, considering I paid quite a bit more so recently.

Included is everything it comes with:

Headphone Stand
Carrying Pouch
All the Fostex paperwork
Original Packaging.
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You're selling your 900's!!!! Wow, whoever's interested in buying these truly know they've been BABIED and taken care of to the utmost care. Sorry to see these go, wish I could get em myself, whoever the buyer is enjoy!!!

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Price dropped for quick sale.
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