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~ $400 for a new DAC

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Hey guys, am using an HD 650 and a DV 336se with an HRT MS 2 right now. Am looking for a new DAC, something to add a bit of brightness and clarity without sacrificing the midrange.


My choices are the Peach tree Dac it/Dac itX and the Dacmagic Plus. Unfortunately auditioning them would be hard, and the Bifrost isn't available locally. Any idea which is the more transparent sounding DAC?

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I purchased a XuanZu u202 from China (Douk Audio) & since it is my first DAC, all I can say is WOW! So much clarity & stage expansion, I absolutely love this kit & for $200 including shipping from China. I covet the Peach Tree, but they are running into the $350-$500 dollar range if you're lucky. I considered the DacMagic too, but for now I'm so enjoying this XuanZu & would love to read feedback from other users since its relatively new to the market. If I was rich, I'd grab one of the DARED DACs, very highly rated.
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