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Just recieved my Neuance Isolation shelf

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My Neuance shelf just arrived via fedex. I'm still at work which will be followed by a dentist appointment so it'll be a while before I get a chance to play with it, but I did peek into the box to verify it's condition. First physical impression: this thing is hella light! I expected something much heavier.

It was origionally supposed to go under a VPI Scout, but while I have the loaner blockhead, I think I'll leave my Meridian on my cutting board/Mappleshade tripplepoints and throw the Neuance under the Meridian. (Probably could use it there, both the source and amp are sitting on a coffee table in my rec. room).

Impressions to come.
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Well, today I finally got the opportunity to place the Neuance underneath my Scout and I must say, initial impressions are quite negative. I have my Scout sitting attop the shelf with the motor totally isolated on another platform and my analog front end has really lost its life.

The sound seems more extended on top, but it is glarry, fatiguing trebble and overall my system is sounding etchy and analytical. Also, my bass doesn't seem to have the same punch and extention as it used to, and feels a bit dry as well.

My mother and brother who could hear my analog rig from the kitchen both commented on the diminished quality of sound (they phrased it scratchy, but I don't think thats an appropriate description). I must say I'm a bigger fan of Mapple. One thing though, I suspect this listening room is a colder one so I'm gonna give it some time and see what Ithink when I move into my new apartment for law school in a couple weeks.

P.S. Also worth noting, I moved my Grado PH-1 from attop a book sitting on my Unico to a seperate Granite slate left over from my parents remodeling of our outdoor bar.
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Do you have pics of your new toy?
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I have a digital camerea if anyone has a site to host images at. I need to upload some images of the Meridian/Blockhead combo I've been listening to anyhow for a review I'm working on.
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send me your images at tortie@bigfoot.com and I'll email you the url of your pics so that you can post it here
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Man, what are you doing? You can't just place the neuance shelf directly on top of another table.

I have a neuance shelf myself, and even though I'm using a different approach at the moment, neuance shelf used properly shouldn't give you "etched" sound. If anything, a properly set up Neuance shelf will be on the relaxed, softer side.

They are meant to be placed on metal stand with small spikes, or isolated somehow to the next table. Trying using some good cones below the Nuenace shelf (DH cones, BDR, Walker), and even though Neuance recommends no cones/feet for equipment, you can always experiment.
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Its not really apprant in the pictures, but the Neuance is Blue Tacked to the table. Not exactly optimal, but those gooey isolation balls are all I have for the time being.

I'll probably give DH cones or some of the smaller mappleshade points a go before I make up my mind.

FYI: When using under the turntable I had mappleshade iso blocks.
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