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Building a Tube Amp - need some help/advice

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I'm purchasing a world audio kit. The HD83: http://www.worldaudiodesign.co.uk/pr.../hd83pics.html

I've done kits years ago (think heathkit...) but I haven't built anything in a long while. I need to purchase a soldering iron, multimeter, etc (the basic stuff for a DIY'er).

Could someone point me to a good place on the web and perhaps make a couple recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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For what it's worth, I got a soldering iron for Christmas that I absolutely love - a Weller W60P temperature controlled 60 Watt iron. It was 100 Cdn, so approximately 60 USD. I remember someone posting a good multimeter find a while ago; you may want to search for "recommend DMM or multimeter" or such.
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I think any good (Weller, etc.) 25 to 40 watt iron would do. If you want to get a soldering station a good one is the Hakko 936. You can find it on the web from between $85 and $100. I'm using an Omegatte HHM93 DMM that an electronic supplier gave me free for placing an order, but I think Radio Shack handles DMM's that are pretty good.

Good choice in kits, by the way. I built the same kit about three months ago and it sounds great. Nick Lucas at WA is a real pleasure to do business with, he actually answers e-mails promptly if you have any questions. He can also supply you with spare ECL83's, it's the only supplier I've found on the web that actually has the tubes.
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Thanks so far everyone. I think I'll pick up a new weller iron.

Rickfri: Thanks for posting - I hope you don't mind if I have few questions during the build. Kit looks pretty simple but you never know.

It was partially on the strength of your review against the Corda (what I have now) that inspired me to give it a try.
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Be glad to help in any way I can. Don't think you'll need much help, though. Fairly staightforward amp to build.
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www.future-active.com is a good online place for electronic equipment. If you have a local electronics store PLEASE go visit them, they are dying out and it's a rare privilege to have a good one close by.

I have a Weller WTCPT station, cost just under $100. A good quality basic iron but nothing really special. No temperature readout/control or fancy features but you can rely on it.

I built the HD83 kit about six months ago. I don't think you will be disappointed, it is great value. Build carefully and it will sound as good as all but the best commerical amps.
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What does that tube amp kit cost?
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The kit is 167 pounds and UPS shipping is 55 pounds. Total cost = 222 UK Pounds. Converted to US$ it is about $305.
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Not a bad price. It would be interesting to know how it compares to the MG Head OTL (roughly similiar price).
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