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Hi, all.  I own an AK240 which I'm in love with.  I've owned a dx90, x5, AK120, AK 12II.  IEM's Shure se846.  I would really like to have a second high SQ DAP.  I've read review after review and thread after thread.  Lots of comparison.  I love the sound signature an sound stage of the AK240.  I'm ordered the HM901 twice.  The first was defective, the second came with an HM-650 in the 901 box.  I'm kind of done with what seems to be a quality control issue with the retailers/manufacturers of the HM901.  


I'm looking at the Calyx M, Cowon P1, Hdp-r10, Colorfly C4.  The Dx100 is out, simply because I have to buy from amazon because the funding source is a Gift Card balance.  One AK is enough, but any suggestions on a good "back up" top notch SQ DAP.  Not concerned so much about interface.  Using IEM's, so amp not a huge concern.  it's surprisingly difficult finding comparisons or many extensive reviews of the above mentioned DAP.  


And to answer this question before it's asked, I can't afford TWO AK 240's, and it would be a tad redundant.  But hate the thought of being stranded with out something if a problem develops.  Besides, curious about these other players and anyone's opinions on comparisons.  


Thanks for your thoughts!!