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Can someone recommend a good player case?

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Can anyone recommend a good CD player case? I just bought a TDK Mojo and I'm looking a something thin and small (about the size of the player) to tuck it into while I'm carrying it around so that it won't get hairline scratches on the LCD. Nylon reinforcement at the edges would be nice, but I'm looking for the smallest, most inconspicuous case available, which means I don't want it to hold any CDs or headphones. Anyone know of something like this?
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It's just a portable cd player, why do you care if you scratch it? It won't make a difference, except hurt your ego if image is your thing.

If you must have one, just make one out of plastic or fiberglass, line it with foam or soft fabric, and cover it in duct tape.
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Well, I found a great solution a month or two ago at an electronics closeout store. "Leatherette" bags with a drawstring at the top, very similar in size to the bag that comes with the Sony V6 headphones. I ordered two, and after I got them, I tried to order another 9 or 10, but they were out of stock. They fit almost all of my PCDP's just fine. Since I couldn't get any more, I had my wife make me one of some vinyl with cloth backing we had laying around. Very similar to what I bought. If you know someone that is handy with sewing, just buy some vinyl (or leather or cloth) at a fabric store, and have a custom case made. Total material cost should only be $5-20 depending on material chosen, and you'll have enough for several cases.

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Velvet Drawstring Bags...

meithkiller: Thanks for the suggestion dude. After some digging, I just happened to find one lying around the house (don't ask me why), and after a little bit of interior padding, it works like a charm. Carrying around cutesy, velvety, drawstring cosmetic bags in public doesn't really help my feeling of self-masculinity, though. They're pretty ugly, but I could be worse off, I guess.
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Crown Royal bags work quite well for all portable audio things.
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Polartec drawstring bags. I have several I picked up over the years at REI and EMS. They're usually small, but if you look hard enough you can find some on the web. Or you can make them yourself, with the Polartec fabric and a sewing machine. Or ask someone to sew it for you.

The small ones are sold for camp lanterns or stoves, eyeglasses, etc.

Another similar option is to look at the small padded nylon travel bags from Eagle Creek or other outdoor & travel vendors.
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