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For Sale:
Auralic Vega DAC (DSD128 & 32/384)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Mint condition Auralic Vega.  Front panel looks perfect; two tiny 0.5mm long scratches on the top panel; sides look good; few minor scratches on the underside.  This Vega has always worked great; selling it because I don't listen to DSD enough.  It's about a year old.  As the owner of DHC you can be sure that I stand behind this excellent piece of gear.  It plays pretty well every format and has a lot of different filter & clock settings that are fun to experiment with.  It extracts every last bit of detail from DSD and other files.


Includes DAC & included remote.  The drivers & manual are available at  If you really want a power cord, I can include a generic cord.


To inquire on the item, please email me at as I get it faster than PMs.


Paypal or Western Union only.  I reserve the right to decline shady accounts as this is a good chunk of change.  USA insured ground shipping is $40.  If it ends up being less we will provide a receipt and refund the difference; if it's more then it's on us.  International we will ship via USPS Express, Fedex, or UPS - your choice and we will provide price quotes for each after payment, and you can pay separately the exact shipping charge.  Item will be declared at the sales price with an included invoice.  The DAC will be packed very securely.  


SPECS: or read on...


AURALiC Sanctuary Audio Processor

Sanctuary audio processor, the heart of VEGA, is based on multi-core ARM9 architecture with calculating capability at 1000MIPS which is ideal for handling multi-channel high resolution music. AURALiC also introduces the second generation ActiveUSB ™ to VEGA that separates the USB PHY into a discrete chip to future reduce EMI  from computer. Resorting to these technologies, VEGA not only support DXDformat(352.8KS/s and 384KS/s PCM signal in 32bit) but also able to decode DSD stream at 2.8224MHzand 5.6448MHz in native though 'DoP V1.1' transmission standard.


Flexible Filter Mode

The Flexible Filter Mode technology inside VEGA has six built-in modes each contains several digital filters optimized for corresponding sampling rate. These filters are developed under AURALiC's subjective auditory sense and objective testing data relationship models which is to optimize the listening experience for different music and format. The linear phase filter exhibits perfect in-band ripple and out-band attenuation performance while the minimum phase filter is better for enjoyment as it has no 'pre-ringing' effect. There are also slow roll-off filter and several noise filters for native DSD conversion. To maximum usage of these filters, VEGA allows its user to customize according to different formats, tuning sound best to personal preference. Please download the technical white paperof Flexible Filter Mode for detailed information.


Femto Master Clock

The objective of Femto Master Clock  technology is to give DAC and upsampling circuit an ultimate clock with extremely low jitter and low phase noise. It utilizes aerospace grade crystal oscillator, ultra low noise linear power supply and temperature compensation technology to generate master clock with extremely low jitter at 82 femtoseconds. What's more important, the phase noise which affect sound quality a lot has been dramatically reduced to -168dBc/Hz. VEGA has three level of clock precision for customer to choose, with the highest grade 'EXACT' mode, it will give the purest reference clock. Driving by such amazing clock, VEGA can easily reproduce the music details in the 'last bit', represent a rock solid stereo image you may never experience before.


Megahertz Upsampling

Using latest ground breaking algorithm, Megahertz Upsampling technology process and up-sampling all incoming PCM signal to about 1.5MHz in 32bit depth. These not only improve the precision of DAC, but also create a new Nyquist frequency for all PCM signal which farther away from the top end of audio frequency. As a result, our engineers are able to design a brand new analog circuit structure with more bandwidth and faster slew rate. Comparing to previous design, the new structure is more transparent to audio signal with lower distortion and less noise, it also lets red book CDs sound more rich and smooth.


AURALiC ORFEO Class-A Output Module

In order to drive various loads, matching different power amplifiers, VEGA is powered with AURALiC'spatented ORFEO Class-A module which is inspired by Neve 8078 analog console’s circuit design as the output stage. The principle of this module is to use a mass of small signal components with best linear characteristic. By packing them though a thermal balance procedure and bias the transistors into Class-A, ORFEO achieves impressive performance with open loop distortion less than 0.001%. The ORFEOmodule used in VEGA has been selected and tweaked for lower noise while maintains its driving capability for 600ohm load without any distortion raise.