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Wireless USB

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Hey guys!


I have a particular situation that I thought I hit this board up for some answers and discussion.


I have a nice small windows computer tucked away in a closet in my bedroom.


I have a Nyrius HDMI transmitter that broadcasts to an HDMI receiver in my living room where I have a desk with a monitor, speakers (Role Audio Canoes - insanely good, btw, and I'm a recording engineer by trade so I've heard quite a few of these kind of small nearfield speakers), a nice Linn LK100 amp with a Linn Wakonda Pre, DAC, and old Perreaux headphone amp set up.  


The Nyrius HDMI's cable go through a nifty little device which derives an optical S/PDIF signal from the HDMI signal and feeds that into the DAC and Voila!, a clean wireless audio solution.


However, some DAC's (i'm looking at you oDAC!) take only usb inputs.


I'd like to try this DAC out since I'm using an older, NOS DAC from 2009 which, btw, although I'm perfectly happy with, I'm crazy and I want to spend money on things I don't need.  Perhaps others here can relate to this compulsion?


Anyhoooo, I've been looking for a simple USB transmitter/receiver.  That is, I stick a transmitter into the computer in the bedroom and it transmits to the receiver at my desk which then feeds the USB inputs on some of these usb-only DACs.


Anyone heard of such a thing?  I can't find nuffin!


Thanks peeps, have a glorious Sunday!

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If its just music, a raspberry pi or equivalent + upnp out of your preferred music player will get the job done for cheap. Or simply play it on the pi. There are ways to stream ALL audio from a machine using a virtual output that then sends to a airplay/ upnp receiver again like the pi or similar.

But USB is quite difficult to do wirelessly for cheap otherwise
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