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Is Sony D-EJ715 any good?

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My brother is off at college and he said he just found this Sony Cd player (the D-EJ715) in his duffle bag the other day. I've never seen it before and I cant find it anywhere in stores. He said he bought it a year or two ago and doesn't know if its any good. So I guess I'm askin: does anyone knows anything about this PCDP?

Also he said that there's no button to control whether the track time display counts up or counts down, but occasionally it switches back and fourth between the two. He has no clue how or why this happens. This sounds like a pretty shotty unit, but if anyone knows anything, it would be helpful.

Here's a image that he sent me... the only other info I have is that it was manufactured in August of 2000.


Thanks for any help you can give.

edit: your gonna have to copy and paste, replacing the * with a t
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I have the next model, the EJ725.
According to some people, 715 and 725 are among the best value/performance units Sony has made recently.
The 725, to me is good without being exceptopnal. The sound is quite warm and not as detailed as on some other portables. On the positive side, it has a long battery life (and runs on standard AA cells), and some nice features, as optical and line out.
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I agree with blr. The only complaint I have is its tendancy to sound too warm with certain headphones. It also sounds a little grainier compared to panasonics of the same price. However, you can turn off the G-protection. Some people think the G-protection sounds better, others don't. Personally, I hear artifacts in the lower bass with the G-protection on, but everything else sounds smoother (weird). I turn it off because the bass artifacts annoys me.

The 721 is actually the better deal. It is about $20.00 US cheaper because it does not come with a cheap plastic remote. I connected my 915 remote to my 725 and it works fine - I have two LCD displays now for my pcdp. They both synchronize the track times too and the 915 remote is back lit.
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