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Just get it far away from PSU, and fans, but you're still going to get quite a lot of interference.
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A lot of interference, huh. Like what kind of negative effects could you notice. Hissing, buzzing, popping? Or is mostly a degredation of sound quality and not something very noticeable, like a pop?
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Mostly hiss n hum, but some get horrid snap crackle n pop.
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Well I just received and installed my EWX 24/96 (and my first headphone amp, a Little, arrived on the same day too!) The Terratec card acts a little fishy sometimes. Some sounds don't sound the same everytime I play them. For example, I have some sounds that I recorded from my Playstation 2 games set up to play for various menus in Windows XP. One of the sounds is a little "beep!" sound that plays when I hit Start on the taskbar. Much too often, that beep sound is a little distorted. Sometimes it sounds a little higher or lower pitched than usual, other times it seems like a tiny bit of the beginning or end of the sound is missing, like it doesn't play the entire sound. Also, in the "Sound and Audio Device Properties" in the control panel it says "No Audio Device," eventhough the hardware tab says that everything is working properly. I'm not very good with troubleshooting computer problems, but I think it might be something with the drivers, even though I have the latest (and only) drivers for Win XP. Real music, however, sounds great...although it's probably my Little that made such a big difference in music quality and not the card. I never thought I'd hear such a difference with a headphone amp! The most noticeable difference I got was a HUGE increase in bass quality. I had read before that the distortion in bass is drastically decreased or eliminated with an amp, but I never thought my Senn600s could produce bass like this! I listen to trance/techno music and I have a song that starts off with just the bass pumps for about 15 seconds. I tried turning up the volume on my Little as far as I could without hurting my ears to see what the bass was like at high levels, and after about 10 seconds, I had to turn it down because my ears started tickling, almost like it was loosening up all the earwax in my ears or something! I love it.
P.S. Don't worry, I listen to music at a low volume, never that loud!
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I'm glad that it turned out well for music, too bad about the driver issues though... Enjoy!
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What's better:

semi-pro soundcard (terratec maybe) or a standalone cd player in the same price range ?
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bump.... waiting for an answer...
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That's a vague question, be more specific in price range.
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a Terratec EWX 24/96 compared with standalone cd player in the repective pricerange (about $200 - 250?)?
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I can't comment on that card, but mine (Terratec EWS88 MT) w/ Pioneer DVD drive sounds better than my $300 Harman Kardon cd changer, also beats the ass out of any other cdp in that price range that I've heard.
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Another one....what do you think of Terratec dmx 6fire LT...i consider it a bang for a buck.
Same as Terratec dmx 6fire 24/96 just without front bay.

I'm thinking of ordering one.
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