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Hello all,


I recently go the Samson MediaOne 3a from Thomann, but the right speaker was louder than the left so had to send them back. They offered free shipping on a replacement so I'm now doing some research to get something better. To be honest I was not thrilled with what I was hearing, and coming from a very old 6.1 (which was later used as 2.1) set of Logitech x620 I expected a lot more.


Reading around it seems obvious that you get what you pay for, and at that budget you won't get wonders. Still I'm looking for something that can serve its purpose and be the best value for money for:


- Gaming/Music/Movies - 70%

- Music Production (Electronic Dance Music - hobby) - 30%


I'm also aware that the bigger the speaker, the better the bass, and a 2.0 system of less than 6" will on no way produce a bass as full as my old logitech 2.1 system, but that's ok. And I obviously made a very bad choice with the 3a. I want good bass (needed for my music genre), but it doesn't have to shake the room.


So far I've narrowed my choices down to:


- Samson MediaOne BT5: Never mind the BT feature, don't need it, simply going for this set because of the 5" woofer. What discourages me is my previous experience with Samson (obviously BT5 will be much better than the 3a) and the muddy sound I got. The reviews are positive but none really compares it to another good active nearfield monitor. What encourages me is that people say the bass sounds nice for 5", and it's more directed to people with my 70/30 usage.


- M-Audio AV40: Great reviews everywhere, but this is a very old set. I have a feeling that the bass will dissapoint me, and I will eventually have to look for a subwoofer to complement them.


- Behringer MS40: Great reviews as well, better bass than the AV40s, but inconclusive as to whether the mids/highs will be any better. Bass will also not be as good as the BT5s.


Here is the full list of my options, so if you would be kind enough to take a look and suggest, I would greatly appreciate it:


Keep in mind that most of those are single speakers, so any pair above 170eur is out of the question, and it has to be on Thomann's website :)