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I have had this Plantronics Gamecom 780 head set for some time now, and I’d like to share my experience with you here.


I have seen both good and disappointing reviews about this headset, but overall, from my point of view, the negative tends to be exaggerated.


Although made entirely of plastic, which isn’t everything, the headphones look pretty solid for their price (about $60). You might find them a bit heavy, but they are rather comfortable, completely covering your ears and with a nice cushion for the top of your head. I personally enjoy the square shape of the ear cups.


One big issue, however, is keeping them clean. As ear pads are velour, it can be a pain in the buttocks for someone who lives in a cat-rich environment like myself. ( By the way, I found an interesting discussion on “velour vs. leather” here: )


The sound is decent. I use them mostly for gaming (like shooters or racing games), and all the sounds are sharp and realistic. We might argue about which headphones would provide greater or greatest sound, but frankly, everything sounds awesome, adding to the joy of gameplay.


The Dolby 7.1, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment. It does give you more awareness of the space around you, especially in a noisy environment, like, when you are flying a helicopter. But it does not do too well if you are trying to guess the direction from where the noise is coming – instead, it can get even more confusing than with the simple stereo on.


This Dolby is especially worthless when something is “behind” you – it sounds more like it’s coming from one of the sides. I’ve heard that the issue is because the manufacturer is using digital sounds in your side speakers, trying to make them sound like something is behind you, while it would have been better to put an extra speaker at the back of the ear cup.


As I preferred those headphones above the Gamecom 380 mostly because of this option, I have some mixed feelings here.

I am happy about the mic, though. The sound is nice and clear, and unlike this review here ( ) states, my opponent can’t hear when somebody is talking to me from a few feet away. So, sound damping is rather well too (maybe I just got the updated version?)


So, all in all, I believe this is a very decent headset for gaming, for a very reasonable price.