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Noble 3 vs. 10

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I've used 10's for years (office use, through a iMac and Fiio DAC), and LOVE them. I have no complaints with their sound, I prefer the V shaped signature and with some tweaking of the equalizer in VLC I really have a sweet spot I enjoy listening to (I listen to everything from rock, metal, electronic to classical).


My only complaint (which isn't a small one) with the 10s is I've replaced the cable two or three times. The original cable frayed, the replacement cable began to lose sound and become unreliable. And recently one of the buds became failry easy to detach from the cable. Again, this is just desk use, I really shouldn't have had these issues.


The other day I came to my office and one of the 10 ear buds was missing. I'm guessing the cleaning crew vacuumed it up and it's long gone.


So....... time to consider an upgrade.


In short, I'm looking for a universal IEM that is an improvement on the's detail and sound stage, while keeping the bass and V shape signature I love (though moving onto a custom is intriguing, but for now I really just need a good replacement).


I've searched high and low on the web and head-fi for as much information as I can get on the Noble 3 universal IEM. I see high praise for the Noble brand, but unfortunately there are only a few reviews of the IEM itself. I like the aesthetic of the Noble 3s and they look to fit my needs.


Has anyone used the Noble 3 universal iems enough to compare them to the Triple.fis?


I do see they have a 15 day no questions asked return policy, but I'd like as much information before moving forward, as I'd like to avoid returning them. Any help would be appreciated!

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I should add, that if Triple.fis were $100-200 I'd probably just scoop up another pair. But from what I've read their technology is a bit outdated, so rebuying them at their current price point wouldn't be the best value.


I'd like to stay in the $200-400 dollar range, but most importantly I'm just looking for a great set of iems with the sound signature I enjoy, good sound stage, detail, comfort and aesthetic.


Thanks again.

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