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For Sale:
AKG Q701 - Toronto, ON (Canada only), $200 CAD

Will Ship To: Canada

Hey all,


Selling a a two months old AKG Q701. It was bought retail locally thus I have the receipt and is currently fully under warranty. Absolutely no flaws on the headphones at all, still more or less near new. There's about 30 hours on it I'd guess. Will come with the 1/4inch plug adapter, the standard cable and the long cable, as well as the original box obviously. For full disclosure they are the newer Made in China models, but these do have one  huge improvement over the older one and they have MUCH softer headband bumps. The old ones were way too hard and uncomfortable on the head, and AKG finally took notice and softened it up considerably. Sound and the overall build are the same as always otherwise. Looking for $200 CAD. (Head-fi system don't allow for $CAD listing...) 


Prefer local transaction here in Toronto but I am willing to ship it within Canada. American/Worldwide users, while I don't have anything against you guys you'll definitely be able to find better deals in your area, since shipping prices here in Canada is ridiculous and it'll definitely spike the total up to unreasonable levels... So yeah, Canada only, Toronto local deal preferred.


Any questions PM me. Thanks!