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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Continental USA

I love to build DAC’s. I like to target a particular chip / component(s), and attempt to build the best possible DAC around it. Up for sale is one such DAC; it represents a couple of years of tuning and refinement, with a result being a DAC that out performs most I’ve heard. But… there’s always more chips, more components, more to explore - so I need to let go of some of these.
This is a USB PCM/DSD Balanced or SE DAC.
This one has the following build features:
  • Custom made case (swedish). 
  • Build for balanced output, can be reconfigured for SE.
  • Dual Salas Shunts (bipolar) driving the analog circuit.
  • Reflektor-D powering the digital circuit.
  • USB receiver has a dedicated linear PS.
  • Dual Nichicon 10,000uf 80V Gold Tune Capacitors.
  • exD PCM/DSD receiver board. 
  • exD FN1242 DAC board, dedicate LDO’s, shunts.
  • Oversized custom Sumr transformer. 
  • Auricap XO 10uf 160V capacitors.


The IV (output) board provides both balanced and SE; I had the cases built for a single set of connectors as I run balanced for the most part. I can easily reconfigure for you if you like. If this case looks like the case for my other 'sale' DAC, it's because they're twins - I had two commissioned when I had these cases built. The cases are attractive and extremely well built.


Anyway, unlike my other 'sale' DAC, this one's plug and play, and supports PCM / DSD. 


So $800 + shipping + paypal fees. This DAC is heavy, so I'll only ship within US.

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Great work!

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Nice work !!

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