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Upgrading my setup

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Hello I am working upgrading my current setup to something a bit funner sounding. Right now I have my setup as Mac > Fii0 E17 > E09k > Q701. 


I generally listen to edm like Ambient/DownTempo/Chillout/pretty much anything mrsuicidesheep posts on youtube and also classical and indie rock.


Radiohead (Stuff like Kid A)

Led Zeppelin


The Kooks

The Black Keys


I also dabble in most other genres but to less of an extent blues, classical, hip hop, opera, etc.


As far as heaphones go I am looking for something warm on the fun side of things with great bass without being overpowering when not needed. I am currently set on the HD650 with the X2 and HE-400 being the other cans I considered. I got to hear the 650 and 400 recently and as far as rock goes I preferred the 650 but I didn't get to hear any edm with the 400s so there still a consideration. 


With the amp I am pretty much set on getting something from Garage1217 because of how the amps look, slightly odd reason considering it should be the sound that matters but ya. I having been looking at the Project ember for a while now but with the cheaper solstice released that might be a more reasonable purchase unless extra power in the ember would be beneficial enough for my other gear to justify the cost. Also some suggestions as far as tubes go would be appreciated also.


Now with the dac, I am considering either keeping my E17 or I think I could sell that and get a modi 2 which I read in a review was slightly better and I have no need for the portability of the E17.


Thanks to anyone who took the time to read my post and help me out.

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The HE-400s are definitely fun for EDM and would be much funner than the Q701s. They have great, deep sub bass extension, and the planar magnetic drivers have excellent transient response, which means bass wobbles and other bass effects are very textured because of the fast decay. However, the amp in the E17 would be a bit weak for powering them well to louder volumes.

For rock music, Grados are a lot of fun because of the forward mids and treble emphasis. They do a great job with guitar. Not so good for EDM, though, because they have a lot of roll off in the sub bass and bass quality is not their forte like the mids and highs. Not bad. Just nothing like the bass quality of the HE-400s.
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Looks like the HE-500 would actually be quite good if you can find one. They are discontinued so you can't get them new/. 

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I agree with the above posts. I don't think you can go wrong with an HE400 or 500.
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Ya the 500 was what I originally wanted but the price is a bit much. Might look around for a used one but I can't really go over 350-400 for my headphones.
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Originally Posted by Solipsim View Post

Ya the 500 was what I originally wanted but the price is a bit much. Might look around for a used one but I can't really go over 350-400 for my headphones.

Well, and the HE-500s have a very low sensitivity of 87 dB/1mw. Best to verify that the E09K does a decent job of powering them or you might need to buy a new amp, too.
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