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For Sale or Trade:
Shure SE535 W/Custom cable - Price Drop

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there, I have a pair of Shure SE535's that I purchased about three months ago. I got them used, and they have a completely clear shell, and they sound amazing with the custom cable. The cable is made from Double Helix Cables Nucleotide ( and it has an Oyaide gold 90 degree 1/8" termination on one end, with a pair of Eidolic MMCX connectors for the Shures. The cable also has a Capsid Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Y-Splitter. The cable was assembled by cCasper TFG from here on head-fi. The cable is about 4 feet long. The cable itself is of very high quality, there is a bit of a scuff on the aluminum of the Y-Splitter, due to the tool used to tighten it down. Other than that, the cable is in very very good condition, and it has almost no memory, and is microphonics free. For me, the new cable really brings out both the highs and lows of the 535's, so they are much more balanced, than they are mid-centric now. (at least, that's what it sounds like to me) It turned them from something that I would pick up and listen to occasionally, to something that I wanted to listen to every day.


Reason for sale is that my ears are too sensitive for non custom tips, and I don't really like the way the cable comes off of the Sensaphonics tips, so I don't want to get those. They have about 40 hours of use by me, and maybe 100 hours total, the original owner told me that he wasn't really a fan of them in comparison to his Sony's (the Magnesium shelled IEM's) so he didn't listen to them much after he got the Sony's. They have never been worked out in or anything like that. Just used for home and portable listening.


Note: I do NOT have the original Shure cable, but I do have two (decent, but not good) replacement cables that were purchased by the previous owner. 


Comes with: 

The 535's themselves

Custom Copper Cable (linked above)

All ear tips that are Pictured (not all of the original ones that come with the earphones if new)

Two spare cables (although no original cable included)

The impedance changer thing (basically a volume wheel on a small extender for the 535's)

Airplane Adapter

Cleaning Tool

Small Carrying case

Original Metal box


Note: Full disclosure, I got the 535's for $340, and I payed $184 for the cable. They sound great, I'm selling because I want some full size cans, since my Aunt's dog stepped on my old pair and broke them... RIP Sony XB-1000...


PayPal fees are to be handled by the buyer, but I'll split shipping, up to $30 (from my end). Local pickup is fine, if you're around the Tacoma area of Washington State (in which case, cash would be appreciated)



-HD650 w/Cash on top

-HD650 w/ nice copper/silver cable

-HD650 w/amp such as the Schiit Magni 2 Uber

-Other full size headphones


Other offers considered.

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