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Increase clamping on M50

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I have a weird problem. My M50 is now so old, it has lost clamping force. Also, I have a small head so any ideas for increasing the clamping on these? Something that doesn't look funny like a headband tongue.gif
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I'm not sure how easy is to switch them out, but perhaps new pads would help if your pads have gotten thin/worn in from use.
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If you buy new pads, while you wait for them you could try stuffing rolled up tissues or rings of roam between the pads and the headphone to make them more plush.

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Thank you guys for response. I have already oredered brainwavez pads which are thick but the headband seems to be loose too so I was looking for some diy methods..
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Ok. So, I finally got my Brainwavz Memory foam pads and they are thick and more comfy than the original pads too. But, still not as good as new. The sound has changed and not enough seal. Need little more clamping. 

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