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good recommendations

Most of mine have already been recommended: Noir ost1, Macross+, Escaflowne, Bebob, hacksign, etc..

My favorite anime OST of all time is the Haibane Renmei OST, which I absolutely adore, it is brilliant
Agreed, not to forget that the series was fantastic too!
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Ah My Goddess: The Movie soundtrack is available in the U.S. on Pioneer. A well-recorded demonstration piece for the Warsaw Philharmonic, with every section of the orchestra getting a chance to do nifty things, and the women of the Warsaw Chorus contributing too. And some nice guitar and piano solos. The music itself sounds kind of Central European to me.
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Uhm, nobody mentioned the AKIRA OST yet? It is a must have. Lots of synthesizer, lots of traditional japanese instruments. Drums! Oh those giant drums! It is one of my reference albums for new equipment. Phantastic playing with stereo fields, very difficult timing sequences, extreme frequencies... Just be very sure to have the volume up way high at first listen.

BTW, does anyone know whether there is a high-res version?
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Originally Posted by GirgleMirt
Agreed, not to forget that the series was fantastic too!
Absolutely! If anyone in this thread has not yet seen Haibane Renmei, it should be ashamed of itself. And after that ashamed period has passed, go watch it, as quick as possible! This masterpiece of Abe Yo****oshi should not go unnoticed!
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Definately try out Someday's Dreamers soundtrack =).

If you liked Escaflowne I would say give a listen to Earth Girl Arjuna and Brain PowerD, which I find sounds kind of similar and verrry goood. Also this is not specifically to your tastes but I highly recommend Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex - Be Human. Yoko Kanno is one of my favorites!

I am also a big fan of Shiro Sagisu's work which I think you might like so check out the Neon Genesis Evangelion and Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou soundtracks. I especially like the Evangelion Symphony soundtrack and one of my all time favorite songs is on the End of Evangelion cd.
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I recently got a box set Spirited Away OST. This one is the japanese version.

Oh, and if you can find the rare Macross Plus ~for fans only CD, it has a real treat, the famous "Dog Fight" track that is only in the japanese subtitled version of the OVA.

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Don't forget Video Game Orchestral Scores.

Shenmue Orchestra Arrange is one of my favorites.

Biohazard Symphonic (Resident Evil) is another fantastic one.

Final Fantasy Orchestral arranges are nice as well.

There is even a Legend of Zelda one too, I believe the Boston Pops did a Zelda medly before, but I can't find the CD.

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Thought I'd try to revive this thread a bit.  Most of my favorites have already been mentioned (Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi, Kenji Kawai, Shiro Sagisu), they've all been around for awhile and that was back from when I still watched anime 10 years ago or so.


Would echo all the recommendations for Macross Plus, also recommend the mini-album the Creme P.U.F. if you're willing to give vocals a shot.  If you like the Origa tracks from the Ghost in the Shell: SAC soundtracks, you just might like Sharon Apple too.  Might have to hunt across all four of the soundtracks to get all the tracks though.



Patlabor 2 also a nice little gem from Kenji Kawai.



Can't say I've been following anime as much these past years.  Haven't seen any series and only seem to have time to sit down for theatrical releases.  Haven't seen Tenmon mentioned in the thread yet so will end with that, composes most of the soundtracks for Makoto Shinkai (5 centimeters per second, Voices of a Distant Star, Place Promised in Our Early Days).



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Found my pile of old anime OSTs and decided to revisit the original Ghost in the Shell soundtrack by Kenji Kawai.  Haven't listened to it since I got into the audiophile world, big smile on my face when I heard the percussion come through the first time.  And I'm only on track 1.  L3000.gif

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How does no one mention Samurai Champloo? Seriously guys... Awesome beats from Nujabes and Fat Jon


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FLCL OST by the pillows... very personal and nostalgic for me, but still a great ost nonetheless

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OST Ikoku Meiro no Croisee and Resutoranto Paradiso from me. Basically, anything from ko-ko-ya is a go for metongue_smile.gif

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I agree the Japanese version of the Spirited Away OST is one of my favorites.  I think any of the soundtracks from Joe Hisaishi are good including Kids Return.



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I liked very much the welcome to nhk ost, the full metal alchemist ost (I advice the ost of the first version of the anime (2003/2004) because the 4 intro are amazing), the evangelion ost, the cowboy bebop ost, the last exile ost and, a little less, the toradora ost, anohana ost and trigun ost. 

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Noir by far has the best OST I have ever heard. It's deeply introvertive though.


.hack liminality is also fantastic though the games weren't good.

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