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It's my first post, I found this forum which seems to be the more professional about many kind of audio device.


I'm looking for somebody who knows sound quality of Atomic Floyd in ear, in fact I had HiDefJax that unfortunately got broken. That was the only pair of serious in ear I've ever had, but after two years of use I found myself using the one provided with my smartphone. 

I have to say, despite bad reviews on internet, that they impressed me very much. Personally I didn't care about sound leakage, so my rating would be a a good 8/9. Please take note I'm not an expert in this sector so I just value the "final feeling". Smooth bass and crystal (maybe not to much) vocals.


Well, now I'm looking for a new pair of in-ear which are at least as good as Atomic Floyd. Since I don't want to spend 100€, as I did two years ago, I'll be glad if there's something similar with a lower price. Basically I listen to dance, electro, house, deep house and so on, possibly something that reproduces good bass.So what do you advise me?