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I'm really digging on my new FiiO X1. So cool at such a good price point. There's some user interface adjustment pains, after using various iterations of the iPod Classic over the past 13 years, but (just like everyone said) the sound is so much better, and that's very exciting, and the tiny size of a 128 GB micro SD card is a little mind blowing, and ...


anyway, I have some questions:



In regards to battery life, what matters most / effects the battery life? Screen brightness / the screen being illuminated, volume, headphone vs line-out mode, on vs now playing, firmware version, etc?



With the flash memory, do I have to worry about the airport x-ray machine? Will all my music get remixed?



I noticed a good deal of noise / static when using the X1 with an old pair of Bose powered speakers. I don't get the noise anywhere else (my car or my Audioengine powered speakers) with the X1 and their was no noise with any other devices (iPod or phone) on those same Bose speakers. What might that be about?


*I also want to put my vote in (as many people already have) for increasing the song library cap and skipping through the library faster (momentum) with the click wheel. Also, props to this this TCD1975's theme, it's a solid improvement on the look / navigability. 

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