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For Sale:
LH Labs Verb IEM - SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

** SOLD ** 



That's right fellow Head-fi'ers... up for sale today is the already infamous LH Labs Verb iem!


These iem's have been thrashed, hated on, criticized, mocked, and generally panned by the head-fi community for their disappointing sound signature relative to their projected MSRP of $159.99. 


Now then, why would I be listing them for sale here, and offend this beloved B/S/T forum of audiophile-ery? Three reasons actually: 

1) I'm listing these NIB items at 50% the indiegogo campaign price of $39.99 + shipping (each), so it's really not that bad... :ksc75smile:

2) Obvious, and shameless, attempt to re-coup some of my money back for these iem's. 

3) So you can personally know, first hand, what these people are talking about:


What will you do with them? 

- Give them a listen, and then laugh at us poor fools who piled on the bandwagon, blindly, like a bunch of lemmings jumping off a cliff. 

- Gift them to a mildly annoying acquaintance at your next HS reunion, or office picnic. 

- Use them in the place of a lump of coal during Christmas time to teach those mis-behaving kids a lesson. 

- Emergency shoe laces. 

- Bolo tie.

- Re-purpose the box to a coin piggybank by removing the insides + hanging tab from the box.  

- Cannibalize the parts for a diy project.

- Attach sharp objects to ear-tips and use the iem for self body mortification, while you pray for God to cleanse your sins, a la Paul Bettany in the Da Vinci Code.... ok, thats going a bit far, but you get the idea. The possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it. 


Asking $20 usd each. 

- 3 available: White - qty 1, Black - qty 2. 


*Paypal fees and shipping within the US are all included! 

**Pm for international shipping, but let's be honest here, it's probably not worth the cost to ship them internationally. That being said, I'll be more than happy to facilitate the transaction.


Thanks for reading, and Mods, if this is overly offensive or inappropriate in anyway, please let me know before banning me. :) It's late, it's sunday, and I know not what I do... Happy Listening! 

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