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For Sale: Chord Hugo v1 - price drop to 1300USD

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For Sale:
Chord Hugo v1 - price drop to 1300USD

Will Ship To: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, South Korea, Japan

Chord Hugo (v1)

Offered FS in very good used condition is my 12-month old Chord Hugo. Asking price is 1300USD firm, remitted via Paypal - see below for further details.


Following a to-and-fro with a potential buyer, I’m going to break this up into a series of FAQ-style paragraphs:


Q. Does it have any warranty ?
A. No. I bought the Hugo in April, 2014 brand new from a dealer in Sydney, Australia and the 12-month warranty offered by Chord is finito. 


Q. Is it in ‘as new’ condition, complete with packaging ?
A. No, it has a scratch on the bottom and some minor scuff marks on one side (see photos).  The Hugo will arrive wrapped in bubble wrap as I dont keep packaging.


Q. What is the difference between the 'v1' and 'v2' ?

A. Chord resoldered the USB connectors on the v2 - they are 'upside down' when you insert the cable - to prevent potential damage from brute force attempts to insert the micro USB cable. Chord also released a black Hugo - absolutely no difference to the sonics. 


Q. Does it function per the online user manual ? 
A. Absolutely. Keep the Hugo charged and it will perform flawlessly.


Q. What accessories do you have for the Hugo ?
A. You will receive the stock micro USB cable, the wallwart PSU to recharge the Hugo and the Toslink cable which came with the Hugo. I dont have the rubber bands. 


Q. Can I use the Australian wallwart PSU in my country ? 
A. I honestly dont know - I’ve used adapters for Australian plugs in various countries and the wallwart works in a power strip here in Thailand, but you may need to check with Chord Electronics on this.


Q. Are there any problems with the USB ports or any of the connectors ? 
A. No - I have had no issues with any of the connectors, but anyone trying to jam aftermarket cables into the small openings in the Hugo casework probably will. See the Hugo thread for further details - the stock cable works without issue.


Q. Do the later versions of the Hugo sound any different ?
A. According to the designer, there is absolutely no change to the sonics from one version of the portable Hugo to the next - they simple resoldered the USB connectors for greater stability. 


Q. Will this drive high impedance headphones and orthos ?
A. See the Hugo thread - I’ve had no problems with the HD800 or my LCD-X, even if I do believe the HD800 is better served by a dedicated headamp.


Q. Are there any issues with sensitive IEMs ?
A. Again, see the Hugo thread, but I had no issues with Westone W40 or Shure SE425 - not really my area of expertise though. 


Q. Why sell if its as good as some claim ?
A. The usual Head-Fi malady - new toys and the desire to try something different. 


Q. Are you willing to negotiate on price ?
A. I've just come down a hundred dollars - beyond this point, if I cant get my asking price I’d prefer to keep the Hugo. 


Q. Will you accept Paypal fees and pay for shipping ?
A. Yes - please avoid using a credit card for your payment as I will incur an extra fee. You will receive a tracking number and I will refund the balance remitted to my Paypal account if you dont receive the package within a reasonable period. Please ensure that your delivery address on the Paypal invoice I send you is 100% accurate, and include a phone number if you decide to go ahead. 


Q. Are there any other costs I have to take into account ?
A. That depends on how your government taxes incoming consignments - to date, this hasnt been an issue for me but I’m not an expert on Customs procedures. If you’ve bought from another country previously and had no issues, then hopefully this should be no different. 


Q. How do I know this is for real and you won’t take my money ?
A. I’ve been an active Head-Fier since I joined in 2009, have been very active in the Hugo thread and Paypal keeps any monies I receive for 21 days before I can access the funds. If that isn’t sufficient reassurance, then I respect your decision to go with another seller. 

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Are u willing to consider trades plus cash
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Sorry - no trades unless its a straight swap for the HE1000  :D


Seriously, I'm trying to get the cash together for an end-game (I know ...) rig - made the mistake of reading the CANJAM 2015 impressions and I got the itch. 

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Sold - thanks to all who responded. 

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