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So today i visited my local sony store to audition the NWZ-ZX2 music player. While i am auditioning the DEMO UNIT, i accidently dropped the ZX2 on the demo display table not on the floor resulting in the ZX2 getting 3 unnoticeable unless looked closely chipped off paint on the aluminium part of the ZX2, the screen, body and internal parts are unharmed. The problem is the manager of the store insisted i buy the DEMO UNIT for full RRP in my country which is around 1500$. Its not that i couldn't afford it its just that there are some problems:

1) It is a DEMO UNIT that is supposed to be DEMOED by customers and are they expecting the DEMO UNIT to be in perfect condition when they just put in on the Display for people to DEMO it freely.

2) And wanting me to pay full RRP for a DEMO UNIT, hell no!

3) There is no sign or whatever stated on the shop saying no DEMOing or once broken considered sold(its not even broken,just a few chipped off paints)

So i went away from the shop by giving some minor personal details like name & tel number since they are trying to threaten me by making a report to the police and btw aren't DEMO UNITS supposed to be covered by the company? Heck!, the manager even told me he need to buy a new unit to sell and it was the only unit they have in the store, i was like WTH? 


What are you guys opinions about this???