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Asus Xonar One

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Hi All,


Just joined and would welcome your suggestions on fixing up my PC to to my DAC. I have an Asus Z97 WS mainboard which has an AC 1150 Realtek chip. I also have an Asus D2X sound card. The Xonar One is primarily USB. The question is, what would be the best setup - USB - or S/pdif optical through either my sound card or onboard  Realtek .  Output is to a pair of Corsair SP 2500 and/or Sennheiser HD 650.


Thanks in advance.



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Buying a $600 USB DAC/headphone amp is not a good way to optimize improving your existing setup given the components you have.

I don't think the D2X has a headphone amp. Buy a Schiit Magni 2 Uber to improve your headphones and use it with your D2X. Use the rest of your budget to upgrade either your headphones or speakers.
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