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For Sale:
Westone UM Pro 30

Will Ship To: Preferably AU.

Hello all,


Brief overview, then the logistics:


I had UM3Xs for around two to three years. Eventually, as all products do, they wore out and the tip fell off.

Contacted Westone and they were very helpful. Unfortunately, due to turn around times between AU and USA, I no longer require the new version of them that I received early this year. I can drive to my new job and don't need public transport anymore plus I have bluetooth IEMs for gym (Not that cruel a person as to torture these poor IEMs anyway).


So, they sit.

They sit and look pretty in their orange box. 


Now are these for you?

Probably. They're made for live stage monitoring. Everyone calls them 'flat'. I'd say they push down the higher frequencies that don't make it into live content and 'compliment' the prominent lower mids that live sound is comprised of. Guitars and male vocals are great. Michael Akerfeldt and his PRS will melt your mind. Separation is excellent for me, sound stage a little tight.


Prefer a local pick up in Brisbane, Australia- But i'm not sure Head-Fi is specific enough for my region.

I'll post Australia wide inclusive of the asking price. They'll be insured and trackable. World wide, have at it. Give me some details to work with and i'll let you know shipping costs. Paypal only..



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