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I have my music stored in iTunes and then play back using Amarra. Because of using iTunes since '05, I have a few iTunes libraries using different folder structures that I'd like to consolidate into one library. The size is about 800GB, so there's a lot of content. I use 2 1TB external drives. One is for the primary librar(ies) location and one is the backup.


I tried using Supersync to consolidate everything but the documentation is pretty vague. It's good at locating problems, but then actually fixing them becomes an issue. I also thought about trying Powertunes next to see if that would work for me.


Which "Fix iTunes" apps for Mac have you used and recommend? I need something that will consolidate multiple music folders (libraries) into one library, and is relatively intuitive when it comes to locating lost tracks, duplicates, etc.


Thanks in advance