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ath Pro700mk2 vs ath ws99

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Anyone have any idea which one is better?
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"Better" is a personal judgement. Better for what? How do you define "better"? Is the one that has more bass "better"? Or the one that has a more neutral sound? Or the one that is more comfortable? Or the one that gets louder from an iPhone?, Etc, etc...
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Hey Billy
I am more of an audiophile guy. I listen to music for long time but don't carry it around much and use it with my iPhone mostly. I dont have an amp. I listen to pop and rap mostly. I am looking for a better bass headphone rather than neutral sound. I want the bass to be deeper and louder. Let me know what your suggestion is and if v moda m100 is a better choice for my requirement? Thanks
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OK - that will help whoever can actually answer your question. Unfortunately, I have not heard either of those headphones, so I really can't offer an opinion. I have heard the VModa M100 - it does have a V-Shaped sound - strong bass and strong treble. Some people do complain about the earcups of the M100 being a bit too small or too shallow. There are "XL" cups that can help with that. I didn't have that problem when I heard them. Another head-fier whose opinion I trust liked the WS99: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUflu5iVg6E
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Thanks Billy.
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I've been wondering about this lately also.  Leaning towards the WS99.  Wanting a good all arounder for home use that has strong low end impact but also good clarity.  Will be using a Fiio E11k amp with Fiio X1 or Samsung Galaxy S4 sources.  Music genres are mostly electronica with some classic rock thrown in.  Is there anything better than the WS99 out there for under $200???



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Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is probably a more balanced all-rounder than the WS99 - but I haven't heard the WS99, so that's really just my speculation from hearing the M50X vs reading about the WS99.

There's also the Beyerdynamic DT770 - but you will probably want an amp. The Sony MRD10R is also a fun headphone and very comfortable, for a good price at the Sony Store site: http://store.sony.com/WFS/SNYUS/en_US/-/USD/-zid27-MDR10R/BLK/cat-27-catid-ESP-Portable-Electronics
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Thanks Billy. I have a budget of 300$ so if I can get better cans for the price I would love to upgrade to it as I won't buy another one for a year or so
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Well, for $300 you can also look at the VModa M100. It's too V-Shaped for me, but others seem to like it. You could also step-up from the Sony MDR10R to the Sony MDR1A. The head-fi bassheads hang out here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/715697/the-audiophile-bass-lounge-basshead-club-part-ii
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That forum looks like heaven. Thanks.
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