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Hi there,


I spent my high school years repairing iPods for friends, and amassed a huge music library in the process. I now have a steady desk job for a tech company in Taiwan, and I can listen to music all day. I'm making an effort to listen through all my Unplayed smart playlists, which will take the next few years at my current rate (~1 day of music listening per week). Now I'm listening more than before, I want to upgrade to some decent cans. 


At work, I currently use some headphones that were a gift from my ex-girlfriend back in 2010. She'd been given them by her dad. My price was therefore zero, which made them good value despite their inferior brand image on these forums. After the headphone cushion wore out and fell off, I decided to solder an external USB power supply onto the battery connectors. I use a 5V to 1.5V level converter to step down from my laptop, which thankfully has decent capacitors to filter out most of the ground noise. This is much more convenient than rechargeable batteries, especially during Skype calls. I must be able to power the headphones while using them - I don't want to have to disconnect and wait for them to recharge.


Q1. What over-ear headphones are available with noise cancelling and USB power? 



At night, I currently use the (original) Apple M8394G/C iPod In-Ear Headphones.

The new ones (MA850G/A with Remote and Mic) give me a headache. I'm not sure why, but the original IEMs fit my ears better. I've used the same model of IEM since 2005, so I think my ears might have changed shape to fit them. 


All other IEMs I've found are uncomfortable when lying sideways with one ear on a pillow - they stick out too much. 


Q2. What IEMs are available with a low physical profile, but hi-fi sound?