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HTC one S vs iBasso dx 90?

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Why does my HTC phone sounds as good as my iBasso DX90?

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Let me make it simpler ...

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Is it? The original post was, I thought. In case you are interested in more of the original post details, I used triple fi 10, and flac 16 bits files of familiar tracks.

And I maintain, I challenge anyone to consistently point to the iBasso if put to the same test blind.

Most plausible explanation I could came with is the triple fi are the bottleneck, and that better iems would reveal the iBasso advantage .... But at this point I am sceptical.
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Well I tested my HTC one M8 and this phone sounded very good with a lovely sound stage presentation but realness lifeness was not as good as the Nokia Lumia 630 which is interesting!

Yeah its hard to tell what might have been the problem with your set up, if there was one, perhas it is the way the headphones react with the Ibasso. have you tried to compare the phone and Ibasso with other headphones ? 

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I have tried with the sennheiser momentum 2 which I had for a week. But with those, the iBasso sounded a little "thin". They sounded however very good with the hm 601!!
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Never tried an HTC one with music, but my DX90 performs better than my Nexus 5. There is a significant difference in sound stage width and depth and the treble is rendered a bit more realistically - less edgy but at the same time still very detailed. 


It's not night and day though, and if I only had my Nexus 5 without the DX90 to compare I wouldn't even know I was missing out on anything.


Ibasso recommend to burn in your DX90 for at least 400 hours to reach it's full potential (some claim more hours even makes it better). Never tried the TF10, but they should be good enough to discern some differences... but maybe try to audition higher end IEMs.


Also it could just be that the HTC one is really damn good, don't kick yourself if you can't spot an improvement in the DX90! 


Check this thread out - interesting read  [Multi-Review] Hifiman HM901, Fiio X5, Sony ZX1, Hisound Studio 3rd Anv, iPhone 4 

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My gf has the nexus 5 too. I will give that a test. I have about 200hr on my iBasso, and I did notice a significant improvement already. We ll see in 200 more hours ...

That is what I meant by posting the original post: if one cannot clearly spot what the difference between a dx90 and a (good) phone, what is the point? I d be curious to blind test some of the people praising high end dap so much.

That said, maybe using higher end iems might reveal more. I was planning to upgrade to custom iems so maybe soon I can tell.
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Make sure to use the same exact files when testing and no eq settings turned on. I think the differences should be able to be spotted on your TF10 as they are supposed to be quality phones. I was able to spot differences using my custom UM Merlins as well as my Sennheiser HD598.


It could be that if you purchase phones that require more power to drive properly, you will spot the differences more easily as the DX90 has a beefy amp section.


In general, I believe most consumer grade audio be it smartphones or laptops etc. are perfectly adequate and sound excellent. We are all a bit mentally unstable individuals here on Head-Fi :P

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Mentally unstable yep haha
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