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Acton Gate Audio

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Hi guys, i'm an audio engineer and recently a Hi-Fi shop by the name of Acton Gate Audio opened next door. As an audiophile i thought it would be great having a Hi-Fi shop next door, but these guys are rude. Since they moved in between 6 and 8 months ago their has been nothing but construction noise, i tried to explain i ran a studio but they did not seem to care.

Another annoyance is they have massive bonfires to save on having to throw stuff away or use more skips than i presume they can afford, resulting in burning recycable and toxic items such as plastics, insulation wool, cables, cans, cardboard, paper etc.

I may not be able to stop them damaging my business or the local environment but i though i should at least put the word out that at the very least these guys are a bit dodgy with some very loose ethics.

They also seem to have a large price markup so if your shopping online or live in North Wales, my recommendation would be to try and avoid using their services.


Below is a picture of the kind of stuff they like to burn.




If i have put this post in the wrong place i will happily delete this post and put it in the correct area.

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Are there any city ordinances against burning trash in your town? Many towns in the US would not allow that and you can get a citation & fine.

Rude and overpriced describes pretty much every hi-fi shop I have ever visited. Around here, all they want to sell are high-end home theater installations for executives and celebrities. They have no interest in selling a hobbyist anything.
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The only rule is you can't burn recyclable  or home waste items, but they typically start the fire on a Sunday or during the night (of which they leave it unattended). Local council budgets have been cut to next to nothing so nobody seems to care. I tried do tell them that the smoke blows into the premises and smells pretty bad but it fell on deaf ears. The only option i have is to work mostly at night to avoid the noise and hope that after more than six months they will finish soon. The only problem with working nights is that i get woken up by hammering at 9AM every morning so i don't get much sleep.

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