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Bandwidth--Speed Increase

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In order to speed things up, bandwidth has been stepped up for the first time since we started on June 20th. You should notice the forums are loading much faster now. Enjoy.


-- Jude --
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How much are you up to now?

Just curious.
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I don't know if this had anything to do with stepping the bandwidth up, or if it was merely coincidence but from about 3:00 PST until just recently I couldn't get on to to Head-Fi. I kept getting a "remote server not responding error." Geeez, talk about major pucker factor. I had some bummer flashbacks going on.
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I haven't been able to log on from my "favourites" link all evening, but if I go to a saved "notification e-mail and use it's link, I log on no problem.
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Make sure you're not using the superhost domain anymore. Check your bookmarks to make sure that they point to head-fi.org domain.
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You're right Jude. That was the problem. I re-saved the favourite link once I had logged in through an old e-mail link, thinking that would have the most recent address. Guess not.


BTW: The site is noticably faster now.
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I hope this increase in bandwidth is not costing too much $$. I for one do not mind the slow speed in forum. It is not THAT slow. I certainly do not mind that extra couple secs.

I was having some horrible flashbacks for like 6 hours till I checked my email

I appreciate the speedier loading, but it really was fine with me in terms of loading speed. I rather have a slow forum than a forum shut down

Time for me to hit the Links now

still looking for my first powerstroke Eagle in Links 2001

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i seam to have intermittant problems with accessing headfi and a few other websites.... I recently got DSL, most local sites, downloads, game servers are very fast, but many websites do not load. With headfi, i often have to click refresh 4 or 5 times before a page will update... I'm not sure if this is a problem with my ISP, my comp, or this site....

I tried using the traceroute utility, and i get a time out on "verio.com"'s servers. Dunno if this is the problem...
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Thomas, can you do me a big favor and send me a PM with the traceroute info on it?
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It's a lot of fun to work with the challenges of keeping the forums running fast. What's really neat is that one minute Head-Fi may not be seeing much traffic at all, but the next second, boom, a bunch of you guys start hitting Head-Fi -- pulling up huge threads, some pages with 10 to 20 image loads.. lotsa fun.

Yeah, sorry about the old server aliases crapping out. We re-allocated those servers. So, we've updated the DNS so that if you try to go to some of those early Head-Fi hostnames (i.e. if you have them bookmarked), they'll just forward you to Head-Fi.org.
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