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For Sale:
FS: Brand New Little Dot MK III with Extra Tubes, Converters, etc

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Purchased this MK III back at the very end of 2014 to use with my Grado's, only to find that my LD 1+ was really all I needed.  There is 5 minutes of play on this unit.  It comes with some extras… they are:


2x Black Sylvania 6SN7's, with adapters and spacers

2x Voshkod drivers (sorry, I forget the # off the top of my head, but they are the popular ones)

2x Tung Sol 5687's (these are interchangeable with the Sylvania's based on your headphone impedance)


These extras are worth well over $100.  Do the research, and you will see for yourself.  


Everything ships from the U.S. Shipping is not included in this price.  


Serious inquiries only please.  PAYPAL ONLY.