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Budget $50 earbud

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My Vsonic has broken recently, so I am looking for a new heap earbud for my Galaxy S2 I9100.

Does anyone have an recommendation


My preference: 

Clear, Melody first and bass the second.

I listened to Melodic, Symphonic or anything as long as it's melodic based metal.


Sorry for rushing, but I am leaving soon.


Thank You

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Which Vsonic did you have? What did you like/not like about it?
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I owned a VSD3S purple earbud.


I like it about the melodic.

I don't like it broken



EDIT: I like the design as well

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I enjoy the Vsonic gr02 bass edition for the genres you mentioned. Not crystal clear but very good considering the price and and sound signature. I haven't had any issues with build quality either. Good luck!

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