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For Sale: Thinksound ON1 headphones - sold

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For Sale:
Thinksound ON1 headphones - sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These are little known, but well regarded headphones. A little warmish, bass is slightly pumped up but not in a bad way, and that is driven directly via my Whipmod ipod.


Isolation is excellent. Great travel headphones. Selling because I want to help pay for other audio toys. You all know the score.


These have new earpads, and come with both cables and the original box. You also get a padded bag from GoodCans. WOW!


They do have a crack on each inner side of the headband. They don't affect the way they sound or operate at all. They are just there.


Free shipping in the states, and PP is on me.

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Holy Schiit such a good price... right now i'm listening to my ATH ESW9 to make sure it's good enough so i don't need to get another on-ear can :(
I need to save money for an amp now :((

Btw, good luck with the sale.

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