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For Sale:
Woo Audio GES Black with upgrade Parts

Will Ship To: Europe

Good morning,


I would like to sell my Woo Audio GES with upgrade parts in very good condition.

I bought it in December last year from am member of this board. I used it with my Stax 009.


I already sold my Stax to another member of this board so I dont´t need the GES anymore.


For safety shippment I bought a box with foam directly from Woo Audio.


I sell the Amp with all the tubes on the pricture:


All are matched quads.


Power Tubes:


  • Sylvania 6S4A
  • General Electric 6S4A
  • RCA 6S4A


Driver Tubes:


  • United 12BZ7
  • Sylvania 5751


and Philips Miniwatt ECC 83 I bought it NOS from Langrex uk as a matched Quad an only used it arround 60-70 hours and I paid 200 GBP (270€).


I would like to sell the GES with all the Tubes for 1.330€ inkl. PayPal plus shipping fee.


I will ship it fully insured and trackable with DHL in to boxes one for the Amp and one for the Tubes.


Please ask me for shipping fees.


Best regards


Dirk (Moon2014)

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