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Need some recommendation

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I have done some research and can't figure out, so I am posting a new thread.

I am using iPhone 5s, and ideally, I hope not to bring a separate player. So, my first criteria is to have something with excellent shielding. I tried a Fiio e11k and it has static noise.

About headphone, I will use IEM (Westone 3 and UE Fi 10) on the street and Senn 650 at home. So, ideally, I want a portable amp. But I am ok with something not so portable, like the JDS O2, but I still prefer something with a battery so I can move around at home.

I am also thinking if I should get a DAC + amp. But the choice is limited with iPhone. Is there a big difference with a DAC? I feel the DAC in iPhone is not bad.

So, I am considering either the following:

O2 amp only. Then I will use it at home with the 650 only.
CD5 with DAC which is portable and work with iPhone, and I can both use it at home and outside.

The CD5 option is more flexible, but will Is it good to drive the sennheiser 650?

Is there any other iOS compatible DAC + amp? My budget is around $400 USD.

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Maybe a DAP could be something. I don't know anything about them though just thought I'd mention that as an option as well.

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Thanks for the reply, but I don't think there is any DAP that can drive the HD650.  If there is one, that is definitely an option.

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I wouldn't bother with an amp on the IEMs. They are very efficient and an amp is really not required.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the E11K "has static noise" - is that with the HD650, or with the IEMs, or both? If it is only with the IEMs that you have the problem, then I suspect it might be that adding the amp made the gain too high for the IEMs. If you are also having the problem with the E11K and the HD650, then something is wrong - that shouldn't happen. I would try a different cable between the E11K and your phone, or the E11K might be defective.

The HD650 are high impedance, but they are fairly efficient. I've never tried either amp, but I would think either the O2 or the C5D would work well for the HD650. As far as other DACs that work with the iphone 5, many DACs can be used, if you use the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. This page might help you:
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The static noise of the e11k is caused by interference. It is gone after I turn off the phone and wi-fi. And I search on Internet and there are some others have the same complaint.

Yes, using the amp with the IEM is not that important. So, I am ok with the O2 option. And based on my research, it seems the most recommended amp for 650 are the O2 and Bottlehead crack, but I want to be able to move around, so, I don't prefer the bottlehead.

So, to my another question, do I need a separate DAC? Would it give big difference compared to iPhone to O2 using headphone jack?
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