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For Trade: Meier Corda2Move

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For Trade:
Meier Corda2Move

Will Ship To: Anywhere

B&W P3 This portable headphones are beautiful, but the sound is veiled and a bit dark to me (and to most of you) due to the bad designed pads but with a good mod on the pads this will sound great. Without a mod they sound good for some music and you can listen them with some "mods" like turning the pads or removing them. This are  in a good shape, some marks on the plastic cups and in the carrying box but the pads and the headband are in great shape. I only have the headphones, the hard carrying case and 1 cable with the mic. I decided to cut the pads so I will not sell them without pads


Corda2Move This is a geat portable amp/dac. It works with a 9v battery, usb powered when used as a dac or with a power supply (not included). It looks great, only one mark on one corner and some paint is missing, 100% functional. I will ship it with a nice soft carrying case from lowepro and a usb cable if need. 


Jaybird Sprint This iems are in great condition, I only charged them once and the batterry is not empty yet so less than 4 hours of use. IEMs are not my cup of tee. This are bluethoot made for running and gym. They have volume control and a mic for calls. I have the box and all the accessories.  SOLD




Ultrasone HFI780 with HM5 velour pads replaced few months ago. I bought this from another member 2 months ago and I change the pads when I tested the old pleather ones (that I will include). This have some scratches on the cups (as usual) but the headband and the cable is in really good condition. This are now very confortable and the bass is no longer dominant with the velour pads, however the sound is a bit "far" from you (maybe because the pads still new). TRADED




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