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For Sale or Trade:
ALO The International Balanced Amp/DAC for sale or for your desktop DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is my ALO The International DAC+Amp. It has a balanced input and output using RSA connectors. You can use it with 3.5mm inputs and outputs as well. It is in very good condition aside from one thing, the switch that changes the input has snapped off. Normally you would use that switch to change the input from USB to an audio cable input, but now it just works for both all the time. It really isn't a problem, both of them work all the time rather than switching to one or the other.


I am including a short mini-mini interconnect made of PlusSound's copper Litz wire with the sale, it's not the one in the picture but it is made of the same wire. I have the original packaging, USB cable, power cable, and a bunch of rubber straps. If you need a cable on one of your headphones terminated to work with this amp's balanced output, just PM me separately about that and I can solve that problem for you.


The price includes the PayPal fee and shipping in the US, international buyers must pay for insured shipping minus what I would pay to ship it here in the US.


Looking at the Bifrost for a trade primarily, but will also consider other DACs. I can add some cash and/or a Sony MA900 to the trade if necessary.

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