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Panasonic SLCT780 problem?

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Given the fall in price as the SLCT780 has been discontinued, i was thinking of buying one for myself, having bought one for my partner several months ago. I'm hesistating, though, because her unit has recently developed a problem: every few days, it will start making loud screeching noises in the earphones and then stop outputting any sound at all, even though the display indicates it is still playing through the track. While the problem appears to be related to being jostled while running, etc., it is NOT the normal way the 780 reacts to being jostled (which is to just stop playing momentarily).

I'd just like to know whether anyone else has had problems (of any kind) with the 780 before I take the plunge and buy another one. Thanks.
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My 780 didn't have this problem
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No problems too with my unit.
Used it for..... ard 6 months.
But mine is a Japanese set.
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aren't all 780's made in Japan? Mine is, as are all the ones in the store.

My 780 with the problem is also about 6 months old.

The choice for me is between 780 and 570. I use headphones only, never line out, and use it mainly for running, so always use anti-skip. Thus, if the 780 is not less reliable than the 570, the 780 has most of the advantages (much longer battery life, smaller size, possibly better anti-skip, although HOLD applies to volume control, which is as stupid as not having a PAUSE on the remote).

Any other thoughts on this choice between 570 and 780 (and 790, for that matter) would be welcome.
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When i mean Japanese set i dont mean it being made in japan.
I mean its an Asian set.
With all the LCD remote, optical out and stuffy which the American counterpart is lacking/crippled.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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My mistake, Anders, I should have realized your meaning. Btw, does the Japanese version have pause on the remote?

the resume is the same (annoying) resume at start of track, right?

I wonder whether the Japanese version remote would work with the U.S. version. When I had to replace the U.S. version remote for my partner's 780, i was surprised at how inexpensive it was. If the Japanese version remote would work with the U.S. version, and if it didn't cost a lot, i'd like to get one (if that's even possible).
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Nope. no Pause too.
And Yeap start from the start of a track.
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