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I'm leaning towards SRH1540 because I need closed cans for privacy, but the price is a bit hard to accept. Denon D2000 also sounds like decent cans, as 30-40% of the songs I listen to are EDM. But the idea of using a 2nd hand headphone is bugging me... I don't think I can find one new where I live. X2 ticks all the boxes... except for the crazy sound leak which would disturb my roomates.


I am planning on pairing them with Fiio X3 II when it comes out. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I am also curious how SRH1540 fares vs X2 in terms of pure SQ (without considering open vs closed, such as 'good for a closed can'). USD 200 premium would be totally justifiable for me if SRH1540 = X2 + Isolation.