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Has anyone had any experience with these!?!?!? i'm curious!!!!!!!!!!!





Copy and pasted from the website.



While there’s no shame in watching porn, there is shame in watching porn without the right audio, which sets the mood, tells the tale, and arouses us even when we least expect it (at least that’s what I’ve heard). To help porn enthusiasts avoid poor sound, LovePalz has developed a pair of earphones designed to make your porn watching experience all the more intense.

Ladobi is a six-way, 360-degree earphone set designed to make female voices more pleasing and less sharp, while male voices will sound fuller and rounder, making them perfect for those steamy Skype sessions – you’ll be able to hear everything, just like Cupid intended.

The earphones are also meant to shut out any environmental noise, so it’s just you and the computer.

The earphones have a frequency ranging from 15Hz to 22KHz. A normal pair of earphones has a frequency that ranges from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. And Ladobi earphones also take pressure off the ears with medical-grade silicon ear-cushions.

Not so long ago, porn was either looked at in a magazine or watched on film. With the internet explosion, porn got a whole new home. The internet accounted for more than $US2.5 billion worth of porn sales in the American market in 2012. That’s a lot of Americans watching a lot of porn and paying a lot of money for it.

Despite it being a multibillion-dollar industry survey after survey tells us that Americans aren’t fussed about porn (new numbers indicate only 12 per cent of online users watch it), and the same goes for Aussies – just one in five claim to have watched porn.

If you are among that 20 per cent and want a pair of Ladobi, you’d better act fast, with only 1000 sets to be shipped.

Ladobi will set you back $US39, with free global shipping.