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For Sale:
HE-500 Good Condition

Will Ship To: US/CA

HE-500.  I am the original owner for around two years.  Pretty good condition.  I would say 'good' but not excellent.  


If you find the stock Sennheiser HD800 too zippy (a replacement wire harness addresses that), the HE-6 is its planar cousin. If you'd find a fictional hybrid of beyerdynamic's T1 and Grado's PS1000 too dark and chewy, you'd not like the Audez'e LCD-2 either. By making neither as much abysmal bass as the LCD-2 nor as forward/developed a treble as the HE-6, the HifiMan HE-500 for many will split the difference for that magic middle.


The only pads I have are the HiFiMan Focus pads. I found them to be more comfortable without changing the sound, slightly improving it to my ears.


I have a sennheiser pad on my headband (seen in photo) for my personal comfort which I will be removing and cleaning along with the rest of the set, I will include the headband and leave it up to you to decide about using it..  It's not secured by glue so no worries.


The original silver cable, untouched, is available and will be included.


The cable seen in the photo is a Q audio cable with HiFiMan earring adapters(also available from q audio), unfortunately one of the earrings cuts in and out a bit.  They can be replaced through the Q audio website.


I will include this upon request for extra cash as it's a $300 cable.  Otherwise I will make a separate sale.


It is however a very nice cable, the nicest I've ever used, it's the 6 meter french silk copper cable. (shown in photo)



Q set the standard for lightness, flexibility and great sound! Made using an ultra-fine stranded Type 2 copper litz with a pure silk wrap and covered with our French Silk™ braided sleeving. Our cables are free of stiff, heavy, extruded plastic insulation which not only gives them the lightness and flexibility they're famous for, but also virtually eliminates cable microphonics.

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